Our Companies

Here are some of Enduring Ventures’ Portfolio Companies

Rango Broadband

Rango Wireless is a new kind of internet provider with friendly and transparent pricing, paired with cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service. Rango delivers high quality internet to markets previously overlooked, such as semi-urban and more rural areas.


Upcounsel is a marketplace for business legal services.
Why pay for expensive lawyers, when you can get the same or better service for 30% of the cost? We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars to-date hiring UpCounsel lawyers instead of big-name firms.

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Dolphin Pools

Dolphin Pools is a top four pool builder in Arizona, and has been a family business for almost 40 years. Dolphin Pools provides a range of services including new pool builds, High-End pool builds and remodeling. If the weather is feeling hot and dry in Phoenix, give Dolphin Pools a call. They will take good care of you.

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Enduring Retail Audit

ERA saves Fortune 1000 retailers millions of dollars a year in potentially lost money to suppliers.  They’re so confident in their technology that they work 100% on contingency. They only make money if they save you money.  If your retailer is using a competing auditing firm or product, ERA will do a second scan of your invoices for free. We always find money you’re missing.


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